Title: Water Conflict Management

water conflict management – information sheet

Water Conflicts Management PPT
By: Dr.Adel M. Al-Washali, Pro.Abdullah M. Yaya
Published by: Water and Environment Center, MetaMeta, Nuffic
Date: 2018 

Title: Parchedness, politics, and power: the state hydraulic in Yemen
Author: Scott Moore, University of Oxford, UK
Publisher: Journal of Political Ecology


Title: Wild Plants From Yemen
Author: M. Sayedul Mashjeri
Year: 2002

Title: Annex 1: Yemen’s Water Cycle
Year: 2007

Title: A Review of Constraints and Opportunities in Yemen
Year: 2007

Title: Poverty Relevance of Urban Interventions 

Title: Traditional Conflict Management in Yemen (Draft, March 2005)
Authors: Sonja Andjelkovic-Al Amry and Nina Scherg
Year: 2005

Title: Setting Modes of Order Opportunities and Threats for Interdisciplinary Education in A Fragmented Yemeni Water Sector
Author: Martinus J. Vink
Year: 2005

Title: Yemen – Country Assistance Strategy Final Text for Disclosure
Year: 2006

Title: Yemen’s Strategic Vision 2025