Title: Water Conflict Management

water conflict management – information sheet

Water Conflicts Management PPT
By: Dr.Adel M. Al-Washali, Pro.Abdullah M. Yaya
Published by: Water and Environment Center, MetaMeta, Nuffic
Date: 2018 

Title: Introduction to IWRM – GWP advocacy
Author: Dr. Thalmeinerova
Publisher: Global Water Partnership

Title: Problems of groundwater development in the Sana’a basin, Yemen Arab Republic
Improvements of Methods of long Term Prediction of Variations in Groundwater Resources and Regimes Due to Human Activity (Proceedings of the Exeter Symposium, July 1982).
Published by: IAHS

Title: Tihama Water Resources Management Wadi Mawr Water Quality

Title: Tihama Water Resources Management  Wadi Harad and Al Jar Water Quality

Title: Wadi Hadhramowt, Changes in Groundwater Chemistry Between 2001 and 2011
Year: 2011

Title: Identification and Evaluation of the Hydrogeochemical Processes of the Lower Part of Wadi Siham Catchment Area
Year : 2011

Title: Joint Annual Review of NWSSIP Year 2005 Water Resources Management


Title: Country Water Resources Assistance Strategy (CWRAS)  (DRAFT REPORT) Irrigation Thematic Group
Author: DR. Abdul Wahed Othman Mukred
Year: 2004

Title: Log Frame Irrigation Thematic Group, Country Water Resources Assistance Strategy