Title: Groundwater development in the Tihama coastal plain
By: G.V. Smith, Senior Hydrogeologist, DHV Consulting Engineers, and Y. A. AI-Mooji. Head of Hydrology Section. Tihama Development Authority, Hodeidah.

Title: Salinity impact assessment on crop yield for Wadi Laba spate irrigation system in Eritrea
Author: Abraham Mehari, Bart Schultz, Herman Depeweg
Published in: 14 June 2006
Publisher: Science Direct (Journal) – Link: http://elsevier.com/locate/agwat

Title: Salient Features of Spate Schemes Under GSCP
Author: SANA’A
Year: 2011

Title: Transformations in Spate Irrigation in Wadi Siham,  How Water Control is Moving Upstream
Author: Linden Vincent

Title: Challenges in Application of  IWRM Workshop Water & Environment Centre, Sana’a University, Republic of Yemen Water Resources of Wadi Systems in Darfur (Sudan)
Author: Dr. Babiker I. Barsi,
Year: 2008

Title: Education, Research and Reality: How to proceed with water management in Yemen?
Author: Richard Soppe

Title: Integrated Water Management In Egypt
Author: Dr. Dia El-Quosy
Year: 2010

Title: Transition towards adaptive management of water facing climate and global changes in Moroccan oases
Author: M Messouli
Year: 2010

Title: Tracing Evaluation of Water control in Wadi Siham
Authors: Laura Bonzanigo and Cecilia Borgia
Year: 2009

Title: Women and Water Rights in Wadi Tuban, Yemen
Authors: Conchita Garcia, Nada Al-Syed Hassan, Carin Vijfhuizen.Title: Women and Water Rights in Wadi Tuban, Yemen