Title: Water Saving in Rice Cultivation

Title: Improving Soil Moisture Conservation By Using Vermicompost 

Title: Nitrogen in the Environment: Nitrogen Cycle
Authors: Scott C. Killpack and Daryl Buchholz

Title: Geol 220: Groundwater Hydrology
Year: 2002

Title: Continuum Equation and Basic Equation of Water Flow in Soils 
Year: 2002

Title: Review of: Traditional Practices of O & M for Spate Schemes in Yemen: Final Report
Author: Dr. Ismail Muharram
Year: 2012

Title: Implementation Completion & Results Report (IDA-38600 IDA-H4200 TF-54230) on Credit in the Amount of SDR 27.1 Million(US$40.0 Million Equivalent) And Grant in the Amount of  SDR 9.2 Million (US$15.0 Million Equivalent) And Trust Fund in the Amount of  US$1.078 Million to the Republic of Yemen for a Groundwater and Soil Conservation Project
Author: WB
Year: 2012

Title: Groundwater Hydrology
Author: Dave Goorahoo, Richard Soppe
Year: 2002

Title: Water Resources

Title: Soil Property