Title: Summary of the Second Five – Year Plan for Economic & Social Development 2001-2005 

Title: United Nations Common Country Assessment Republic of Yemen
Year: 2005

Title: NWSSIP and the Way Forward,, Coordination, Harmonization and Alignment in the Water Sector

Title: Report,  Evaluation of the Post – Joint Annual Review (JAR) 2005 Questionnaire 
Year: 2007

Title: Irrigation Improvement Project (IDA Credit No. 3412-Yem)  Main Technical Assistance Package for IIP WORKING PAPER 21 Water User Association Contracting Manual of Procedures
Year: 2003

Title: Poverty, Productivity and Trade 

Title: Water as a Social and Economic Good:  How to Put the Principle into Practice
Author: Peter Rogers, Ramesh Bhatia and Annette Huber

Title: Water Supply, Sanitation and Health Within IWRM Consideration Module Six
Year: 2005

Title: Policy Arena, The Reflexive Engineer: Perceptions of Integrated Development 
Author: Peter T. Robbins
Year: 2007

Title: National Conference for the Management and Development of Water Resources in Yemen, Paper 2-B Managing Water for Social Equity, Economic Efficiency and Environmental Stability: Governing Spate-Flood Irrigation for Social Equity, Environmental Sustainability and Economic Output.
Author: Sascha Mathias Kuster