Title: Annex 4: About the Compatibility of Sector Objectives of Water and Agriculture in the 3rd Five Year Plan 2006-2010 (DPPR)
Year: 2007

Title: Setting Modes of Order Opportunities and Threats for Interdisciplinary Education in A Fragmented Yemeni Water Sector
Author: Martinus J. Vink
Year: 2005

Title: Republic of Yemen, Sector Wide Approach (SEAP) in the Water Sector: Assessment of Readiness and Opportunities

Title: Water Sector Reform in the MENA Region 2005-2008

Title: National Water Sector Strategy and Investment Program  NWSSIP 2005-2009 First Joint Annual  Review – JAR 2005/06
Year: 2006

Title: Selected Key Sector Issues Update January 2006
Year: 2006

Title: NWSSIP and the Way Forward,, Coordination, Harmonization and Alignment in the Water Sector

Title: Structure and Scope of German Support for the Yemeni Water Sector 

Title: Joint Annual Review of NESSIP Year 2005 Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sub-Sector
Year: 2005

Title: Framework of the Structural Adjustments for Reform of the Agriculture and Irrigation Sector