Title: Human Development Report 2006- Water for Human Development  Thematic paper:1 Water Scarcity Challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Authors: Håkan Tropp and  Anders Jägerskog
Year: 2006

Title: Human Development Report 2006, Water for Human Development  Background Paper: Water Governance Challenges: Managing Competition and Scarcity for Hunger and Poverty Reduction and Environmental Sustainability
Authors: Håkan Tropp,  Malin Falkenmark, Jan Lundqvist
Year: 2006

Title: Report of the World Panel on Financing Water Infrastructure, Financing Water For All
Author: James Winpenny
Year: 2003

Title: Annual Progress Report of the Poverty Reduction Strategy 
Year: 2005

Title: Summary Report Workshop Held on April 17,2012 to Discuss the Final Report of Local Community Initiative on Water Governance, Initiative to Prevent Transfer of Groundwater in Al-Malikah village , BaniHoshish District , Sana’a to Other Areas for Irrigating Qat
Author: Abdulkhaleq Al-Ghaberi

Title: Final Report of Local Community Initiatives in Water Governance Almalika Village Initiative to Prevent Transfer of Groundwater in – Bani Hushaish District – Sana’s to Other Areas for Qat Cultivation
Author: Abdulkhaleq Alghaberi
Year: 2012

Title: Yemen – Country Assistance Strategy Completion Report – IEG Review
Year: 2006


Title: Summary Report of the Evaluation of Country Program Yemen 10137.0 (2002-2007)
Year: 2006

Title: Expert Mission to Assess and Propose Alternative Sanitation Systems to Meet the Demand of the Urban Poor Population in the Republic of Yemen Draft Mission Report
Year: 2004

Title: Poverty Reduction Strategy Progress Report for 2003 & 2004
Year: 2005