Title: Annual Project Meeting Spate Irrigation for Rural Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation for Year 2012 (Annual Meeting Report)
Authors: Dr. Sharafaddin A. A. Saleh
Year: 2013

Title: Poverty Relevance of Urban Interventions 

Title: Good Practice Note: Using Poverty and Social Impact Analysis to Support Development Policy Operations
Year: 2004

Title: Promotion of Development Countries Water – A Vital and Scarce Resource
Year: 2005

Title: Human Development Report 2006, Water for Human Development  Background Paper: Water Governance Challenges: Managing Competition and Scarcity for Hunger and Poverty Reduction and Environmental Sustainability
Authors: Håkan Tropp,  Malin Falkenmark, Jan Lundqvist
Year: 2006

Title: Report No. 32587, Towards a Conflict Sensitive Poverty Reduction Strategy Lessons from a Retrospective Analysis
Year: 2005

Title: Paying the Price, Why Rich Countries Must Invest now in a War on Poverty 

Title: A Time For Bold Ambition Together We Can Cut Poverty in Half
Year: 2005

Title: Partnerships for Poverty Reduction: Rethinking Conditionality
Year: 2005

Title: Annual Progress Report of the Poverty Reduction Strategy 
Year: 2005