Title: Annex 4: About the Compatibility of Sector Objectives of Water and Agriculture in the 3rd Five Year Plan 2006-2010 (DPPR)
Year: 2007

Title: The Road to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals The Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals in the Work of GTZ and KfW Entwicklungsbank
Year: 2005

Title: A Time For Bold Ambition Together We Can Cut Poverty in Half
Year: 2005

Title: Middle East and North Africa: Regional Assistance Plan
Author: DFID
Year: 2003

Title: Summary of the Second Five – Year Plan for Economic & Social Development 2001-2005 

Title: Key Issues for the Joint Annual Review (JAR) of NWSSIP  Input Paper on NWSSIP Action Plans Progress 2005

Title: Agricultural Sector Strategy Matrix 2006-2010 and Plan of Work to Implement the Strategy for Two Years 2006-2007 
Year: 2006


Title: Mission Support Unit, Andhra Pradesh Water Conservation Mission Example of a Micro Plan, Water Management Plan of Damaragidda Village
Year: 2004/2005

Title: Stakeholder Management, Session 2

Title: Tools for Development: A Handbook for Those Engaged in Development Activity
Author: DFID
Year: 2002