Title: CD- Rainfall Method, A Quick Method to Make a Groundwater Balance

Title:  Participatory Groundwater Management

Title: Ideas for Water Awareness Campaigns 
Authors: Wouter Schaap & Frank van Steenbergen
Year: 2002

Title: Judicious Management of Groundwater Through Participatory Hydrology Monitoring 

Title: Yacambu- Quibor: A Project for Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Management in Venezuela
Authors: Héctor Garduño & Marcella Nanni
Year: 2003

Title: The ‘Cotas’ – Progress with Stakeholder Participation in Groundwater Management in Guanajuato- Mexico
Authors: Stephen Foster, Héctor Garduño & Karin Kemper
Year: 2004

Title: Notification

Title: Exercise Rituals for Rain

Title: Discussion Statement ( Exercise )

Title: Support Material for Session 2,3 and 4