Title: Chapter 2: The Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) Program, A. Subsector Issues and NWSSIP I

Title: Sustainable Groundwater Management: Concepts and Tools, Groundwater Legislation & Regulatory Provision from Customary Rules to Integrated Catchment Planning
Authors: Marcella Nanni, Stephen Foster, Charles Dumars, Hector Garduño, Karin Kemper & Albert Tuinhof

Title: Yacambu- Quibor: A Project for Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Management in Venezuela
Authors: Héctor Garduño & Marcella Nanni
Year: 2003

Title: Wastewater Management 

Title: Firming up the Conceptual Basis of Integrated Water Resources Management
Authors: Torkil Jonch- Clausen and Jens Fugl
Year: 2001

Title: Proposal for Sustainability Index Assignment

Title: Integrated Urban Water Cycle Management: Moving towards Systems Understanding
Authors: Peter J. Coombes and George Kuczera

Title: Integrated Urban Water Cycle 
Authors: Andrew Speers, Grace Mitchell

Title: Applying Integrated Urban Water Management Concepts: A review of Australian Experience
Author: V. Grace  Mitchell

Title: Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM): A Way to Sustainability