Title: Groundwater development in the Tihama coastal plain
By: G.V. Smith, Senior Hydrogeologist, DHV Consulting Engineers, and Y. A. AI-Mooji. Head of Hydrology Section. Tihama Development Authority, Hodeidah.

Title: Introduction to Groundwater Development and Management (presentation)
Short Course at Water & Environment Centre, Sana‘a
By: Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider
Freie Universitat

Title: Yemen Groundwater Governance (Presentation)
By: Christopher Ward

Title: Review of Yemen’s Control of Groundwater Extraction Regime: Situation and Options
Author: Ahmed Mohamed Alderwish, Department of Earth and Environmental science & Wa’el Ishaq Mohamed, Department of Water and Soil – Sana’a University, Sana’a, Yemen.


Title: Annex 6: Progress on Key Water Resource Management Actions
Year: 2007

Title: Annex 2.1:  Action Scenarios/ Scenario 1- No Action on Water Deficit
Year: 2007

Title: Arab Countries Vision Consultations

Title: Tihama Water Resources Management, Wadi Zabid & Wadi Rema’a, Water Quality (Draft Report)
Year: 2009

Title: Wadi Hadhramowt, Changes in Groundwater Chemistry Between 2001 and 2011
Year: 2011

Title: Summary Report Workshop Held on April 17,2012 to Discuss the Final Report of Local Community Initiative on Water Governance, Initiative to Prevent Transfer of Groundwater in Al-Malikah village , BaniHoshish District , Sana’a to Other Areas for Irrigating Qat
Author: Abdulkhaleq Al-Ghaberi