Title: Identification and Evaluation of the Hydrogeochemical Processes of the Lower Part of Wadi Siham Catchment Area
Year : 2011

Title: Summary Report of the Evaluation of Country Program Yemen 10137.0 (2002-2007)
Year: 2006

Title: Report,  Evaluation of the Post – Joint Annual Review (JAR) 2005 Questionnaire 
Year: 2007

Title: Document on the Evaluation and Planning Workshop on Agricultural Strategy and Structure of the Agricultural Sector
Year: 2006

Title: Training Considerations for Multi- Stakeholder Session

Title: Water Policy, Governance & Laws
Authors: Mrs. Nadia Al-harithi & Mr. Awadh. A. Bahamish
Year: 2008

Title: Yemen Agricultural Policy Review: Working Paper Number III. Policy Simulations  (Sources of Growth)
Authors: Christopher Ward, Matthias Schlund, Stephen Mink, Farouq M. Kassem
Year: 2013

Title: Irrigation and Drainage,   To What Extent Do Improved Irrigation Technologies Extend Aquifer Life?
Authors: C.J. Perrya and P.J.G.J Hellegersb
Year: 2010

Title: Water Demand Management in Yemen and Jordan:  Addressing Power and Interests
Author: The Geographical Journal
Year: 2012

Title: Yemen Corruption Assessment
Year: 2006