Title: A Review of Constraints and Opportunities in Yemen
Year: 2007

Title: Yemen’s Strategic Vision 2025 

Title: OECD Survey on Harmonization and Alignment  Yemen

Title: Urban Water and Poverty
Year: 2005

Title: National Indicative Programme

Title: A Promising Sector for Diversified Economy in Yemen: National Agriculture Sector Strategy
Year: 2012

Title: Chapter 1: Overview of the NWSSIP Update, A. Key Water Sector Issues and NWSSIP

Title: A Political Economy of Water in Southern Africa 
Author: Larry A. Swatuk

Title: Implementation Completion & Results Report  (Credit No. 3774-YEM) on a Credit in the Amount of SDR 17.6 Million ( US $24 Million Equivalent) to the Republic of Yemen for a Sana’a Basin Water Management Project
Author: WB
Year: 2010

Title: The Role of Terraces on Land and Water Conservation in Yemen
Author: Mohamed A. Al- Hebshi