Title: Summary Report Workshop Held on April 17,2012 to Discuss the Final Report of Local Community Initiative on Water Governance, Initiative to Prevent Transfer of Groundwater in Al-Malikah village , BaniHoshish District , Sana’a to Other Areas for Irrigating Qat
Author: Abdulkhaleq Al-Ghaberi

Title: Final Report of Local Community Initiatives in Water Governance Almalika Village Initiative to Prevent Transfer of Groundwater in – Bani Hushaish District – Sana’s to Other Areas for Qat Cultivation
Author: Abdulkhaleq Alghaberi
Year: 2012

Sharing Water in Yemen

Title: Water Level Recorder for Less Than $ 5

Title: Participatory Planning Case Study: Jordan Amman- Zarqa Basin

Title: Local Regulation in Groundwater, Case Study: Ban on Boreholes Village Maramreddypalli Nellore, Andhra Pradeh, India

Title:  Participatory Groundwater Management

Title: Regulatory Impact Assessment
Author: Jerry Read
Year: 2005

Title: Judicious Management of Groundwater Through Participatory Hydrology Monitoring 

Title: Yacambu- Quibor: A Project for Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Management in Venezuela
Authors: Héctor Garduño & Marcella Nanni
Year: 2003