Title: Arab Countries Vision Consultations

Title: Tihama Water Resources Management, Wadi Zabid & Wadi Rema’a, Water Quality (Draft Report)
Year: 2009

Title: Rainfall Runoff Relationship, Catchment Yield Estimation

Title: Agro-Ecology
Year: 2001

Title: Sadah Basin Case Study

Title: Hydrology of Yemen

Title: Transformations in Spate Irrigation in Wadi Siham,  How Water Control is Moving Upstream
Author: Linden Vincent

Title: Challenges in Application of  IWRM Workshop Water & Environment Centre, Sana’a University, Republic of Yemen Water Resources of Wadi Systems in Darfur (Sudan)
Author: Dr. Babiker I. Barsi,
Year: 2008

Title: Damming water Supply,  A social – Technical Analysis of Small Recharge Dams and their Implications Local Community and Basin
Author: Simon Chevalking

Title: Transition towards adaptive management of water facing climate and global changes in Moroccan oases
Author: M Messouli
Year: 2010