Title: A Time For Bold Ambition Together We Can Cut Poverty in Half
Year: 2005

Title: Aid Delivery Methods Concept Paper, A Contribution to Development Thinking, Institutional Assessment and Capacity Development, Why, What and How?
Year: 2005

Title: Developing Yemen’s Aid Policy Working Paper 6: Aid Absorption Capacity Study (Draft for Discussion)

Title: Joint Annual Review of NWSSIP Year 2005 Water Resources Management


Title: Capacity Building in IWRM: The IWRM MSc Curriculum at the Water and Environment Centre, Republic of Yemen.
Authors: Dr. R.W.O. Soppe, Prof. Dr. A.S. Babaqi and Dr. F. Huibers

Title: A Strategy for Controlling Groundwater Depletion in the Sa’dah Plain, Yemen
Author: Rafik A. AL-Sakkaf, Yangxiao Zhou  & Michael J. Hall

Title: Rainfall Runoff Relationship, Catchment Yield Estimation

Title: Bringing Water to the Poor
Author: Herve Conan, Maria Paniagua and Ava Shrestha
Year: 2004

Title: How to Establish a Water User Associations?
Author: IWMI and SICWC
Year: 2003

Title: A Bigger  Piece of a Very Small Pie:  Intrahousehold Resource Allocation and Poverty Reduction in Africa
Author: Bridget O’Laughlin
Year: 2005