Title: Politics of Qat. The Role of a Drug in Ruling Yemen (Table of contents and prologue)
Author: P. Gatter
Year: 2012

Title: Ideas for Water Awareness Campaigns 
Authors: Wouter Schaap & Frank van Steenbergen
Year: 2002

Title: Discussion Awareness Building 

Title: Awareness Raising, Session 4

Title: Wastewater Management 

Title: Bringing Water to the Poor
Author: Herve Conan, Maria Paniagua and Ava Shrestha
Year: 2004

Title: How to Establish a Water User Associations?
Author: IWMI and SICWC
Year: 2003

Title: Information and Public Awareness Campaign (IPAC) 
Authors: Entesar Hareth & Sa’ad Al-howsali
Year: 2010

Title: Guidelines for Rapid Social Assessment
Authors: The European Union’s Food Security Programme for Yemen
Year: 2008

Title: IIP Working Paper 30 – Final Report MIS-GIS
Authors: Arcadis
Year: 2005