Title: Aid Delivery Methods Concept Paper, A Contribution to Development Thinking, Institutional Assessment and Capacity Development, Why, What and How?
Year: 2005

Title: Republic of Yemen, Sector Wide Approach (SEAP) in the Water Sector: Assessment of Readiness and Opportunities

Title: United Nations Common Country Assessment Republic of Yemen
Year: 2005

Title: Directive on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Dam Projects
Year: 2006

Title: Ideas for Water Awareness Campaigns 
Authors: Wouter Schaap & Frank van Steenbergen
Year: 2002

Title: Regulatory Impact Assessment
Author: Jerry Read
Year: 2005

Title: Groundwater Resources of the World and Their Use
Author: UNESCO
Year: 2004

Title: Module 7, Making Use of Laws, Regulatory Impact Assessment

Title: Procedure Manual on Participatory Irrigation Management (Draft)
Year: 2006

Title: Proposition for Literature Used in WCM Course: Related to SI and Multi Criteria Analysis
Authors: Michiel A. Rijsberman, Frans H. M. van de Ven
Year: 2000