Title: Final Report, Sana’s Basin Water Management Project IDA Credit 3774- YEM Contract No RFP No 2/04– Republic of Yemen – Satellite Imagery/Data Analysis Study along with Ground Truth and Meteorological Monitoring

Title: Good Practice Note: Using Poverty and Social Impact Analysis to Support Development Policy Operations
Year: 2004

Title: Report No. 32587, Towards a Conflict Sensitive Poverty Reduction Strategy Lessons from a Retrospective Analysis
Year: 2005

Title: Support Material for Session 2,3 and 4

Title: Exercise Results, Stakeholder Analysis: Session 2

Title: Tools for Development: A Handbook for Those Engaged in Development Activity
Author: DFID
Year: 2002

Title: The Snakes and Ladders of User Involvement: Moving Beyond Arnstein
Authors: Jonathan Quetzal Tritter , Alison McCallum
Year: 2006

Title: A Ladder of Community Participation for Underdeveloped Countries 1
Author: Marisa B. Guaraldo Choguill

Title: Participation: Water and Community Participation 
Author: Dr. Taher Taha
Year: 2009

Title: Proposition for Literature Used in WCM Course: Related to SI and Multi Criteria Analysis
Authors: Michiel A. Rijsberman, Frans H. M. van de Ven
Year: 2000