Water resources

Title: Preliminary Results of PRA in Al-Mujellis

Title: Satellite Imagery follow-up study- Interim report
By: Water Watch (Remote Sensing Services – Wageningen, the Netherlands) and Hydro-Yemen
Published by: The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Groundwater & Soil Conservation Project)
Published in: March 2012

Title: A technical-institutional analysis of small dams in the Sana’a Basin, Yemen
By: Simon Chevalking – MetaMeta Research –
Date: 2010

Title: Tihama Water Resources Management: Wadi Zabid & Wadi Rema’a Water Quality (Final Report)
Zabid WRMD Water Quality Report
Prepared and published by: National Water Resources Authority
March, 2009

Title: Groundwater Resources and Irrigated Agriculture – making a beneficial relation more sustainable
(GWP Perspectives Papers)
Published by: Global Water Partnership
Published in: 2012

Published by: The World Bank
Published in:March 3, 2005

Title: Technical note on rainfall in Sana’a
By: Dr. Bilkis Zabara, Dr. Richard Soppe, Dr. Abdulla Babaqi and Dr. David Plinston
Published in: October 2007
Publisher: Water and Environment Center (WEC)

Title: Water Resources Information in Yemen
By Qahtan Yehya A.M. Al-Asbahi
Published in: June 2995
Published by: IWG-Env, International Work Session on Water Statistics, Vienna.



Title: Managing urban water under stress: the case of Sana’a, Yemen (Water Resources Management III )
By: J. W. A. Foppen, M. Naaman & J. F. Schijven
Published by:
WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment
Published in: 2005


Title: Water Resources Management in Yemen: Contribution to the CDR Yemen
By: Christopher Ward, Satoru Ueda and Alexander McPhail
Date: January 20th, 2000

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