Water resources

Title: Water Resourses of Wadi Systems in Darfur
Authors: Dr. Babiker I. Barsi
Year: 2010

Title: Surface Water Harvesting Using Small-scale Dams in Northern Ethiopia, Challenges, Opportunities and Future Directions
Authors: Kifle Woldearegay
Year: 2007

Title: Water and Environment Centre: Master of Science Integrated Water Resources Management
Year: 2010-2012

Title: Water in the Arab World: Management Perspectives and Innovations
Authors: N. Vijay Jagannathan, Ahmed Shawky Mohamed, Alexander Kremer
Year: 2009

Title: Water Crisis in Yemen: Speculations, Realities and Migitation Actions
Authors: Victor Rybakov
Year: 2012

Title: The Water Resources Of Yemen, A Summary and Digest of Available Information
Authors: Jac A.M. van der Gun and Abdul Aziz Ahmed
Year: 1995

Title: IIP Working Paper 6 – Note on Hydrological Studies
Name of Authors: Arcadis
Year: 2002

Title: IIP Working Paper 5A – Flood Warning System Specification
Name of Authors: Arcadis
Year : 2003

Title: IIP Working Paper 14 – Hydrological Analysis (Second Interim Report)
Name of Authors: Arcadis
Year: 2003

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