Water for cities

Title: Components of IWRM Study Program ast WEC its Relevance to Water Sector in Yemen
Author: Prof. Dr.Abdulla Babaqi
Year: 2010

Title: IWRM_in MENA Region: Reflection on Reflections
Author: Dr Hammou Laamrani
Year: 2010

Title: Empowerment and Participatory Stakeholder-led Planning in IWRM
Author: Fadi Shraideh

Title: Education, Research and Reality: How to proceed with water management in Yemen?
Author: Richard Soppe

Title: Integrated Water Management In Egypt
Author: Dr. Dia El-Quosy
Year: 2010

Title: How to Treat Domestic Wastewater
Author: Frans P. Huibers
Year: 2010

Title: The Study for the Water Resources Management and Rural Water Supply Improvement in the Republic of Yemen Water Resources Management Action Plan for Sana’a Basin

Title: Demand Management and Irrigation Improvement
Year: 2010

Title: The Potential of Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting for Sana’a, Yemen
Authors: Musa’ed M. Aklan
Year: 2011

Title: The Environmental Impact of Al-Azraqain Landfill on the Quality of the Surrounding Groundwater, Sana’a City, Yemen
Authors: Naif Abu-Lohom, Bilkis Zabara, Abdulla Babaqi, Mona Nagi

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