Water for cities

Title:  Building On (Hodeidah) Local GW Management

Prepared by: Water & Environment Center (WEC)

Title: Building On (Hadramout) Local GW Management

Prepared by:  Water & Environment Center (WEC)

Title:  Building On (Dhamar) Local GW Management

Prepared by :     Water & Environment Center (WEC)

Title : Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Water Projects in Rural Areas, in Al-Mahweet Governorate
Author : Kaid H.S. Al-Sadrah
Publisher : WEC
Year : 2013

Title: Adapting to water scarcity for Yemen’s vulnerability – Cities Case Study: Sana’a, Saadah and Aden
Authors: Prof. Abdullah Noaman
Publisher: WEC of Sana’a University

Title: Analysis of Private Water Providers in Sana’a City
Authors: Dr. Bilkis Zabara, Prof. Abdulla Babaqi, Dr. Naif Abu Lohom, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Eryani and Dr. Fadhl AL-Nozaily

Title: Equity and Efficiency in Yemen’s Urban Water Reform – A Sector Study and Poverty and Social Impact Analysis ( Main Report)
Authors: Christopher Ward, Sabine Beddies, Taha Taher, Anwer Sahooly, Barbara Gerhager and Nadia al Harithi
Year: 2009

Title: Building on Indigenous Knowledge for WDM in Yemen: The Enhancement of Traditional Garden Irrigation with Mosque Greywater
Authors: Prof. Dr. Abdulla Babaqi, Dr. Fadhl Al-Nozaily,  Eng. Frederic Pelat
Year: 2010

Title: Participatory Watershed Management Project Dhamar PWMP
Author: Dr. Naif Abu-Lohom

Title: Components of IWRM Study Program ast WEC its Relevance to Water Sector in Yemen
Author: Prof. Dr.Abdulla Babaqi
Year: 2010

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