Water for cities

Title: Roads Rain Water Harvesting in Yemen

By: Dr. Sharafaddin Abdullah Ahmed Saleh, Dr. Adel Mohamed Taha Al-Washali, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Abyadh, Adel Mohammed Zolail

Published by: Water and Environment Center, MetaMeta, Nuffic

Date: 2018

Title : Water Buffer Management Retention, Recharge and Reuse of Al Sayla Water in Sana’a Basin
Author : Dr. Sharafaddin A. A. Saleh, Dr. Alkhateeb Al-Kebsi, Dr. Ahmed Alderwish and Eng. Khaled H. AL–Bar.
Publisher : Water and Environment Center(WEC) – Sana’a University.
Year : 2016.

Title: Aquifer Depletion: Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and Sana’a, Yemen
Prepared and Published by: Global Studies
World Ecosystems Beyond Borders (WEBB): An Environmental Curriculum for Wisconsin Students
Grade Level: 6th-8th
Subject Areas: Science and Social Studies

Title: Analysis of Private Water Providers in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas in Sana’a
Part A: A Field Survey of Service Providers
Prepared by: Dr. Bilkis Zabara; Prof. Abdulla Babaqi; Dr. Naif Abu Lohom; Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Eryani; and Dr. Fadhl AL-Nozaily

Title : Analyzing the potential of Roof Rain water harvesting Systems for water supply in Manakha town and surrounding area
By : Eng.  Abdullah Mohammed AL –Saidi    – WEC (Water and Environment Center)

Title : Rain Water Harvesting from Rooftop in Urban Area Sana’a City
Author :Dr. Abdulla Noaman,Dr. Mansour Haidera,Dr. Mohamed Saeed Meraee and Eng. Abdulla  Al-Saidi.
Publisher : WEC
Year : 2015


(The Second Middle East and North Africa Renewable Energy Conference)
By: Prof. Dr. Towfick Sufian (Vice Rector) – Sana’a University
Published in: May 2005

Title: Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge in Water Demand Management for the Historical Old Sana’a City’s Gardens (Maqashim)
Authors: Fadhl Ali Saleh Al-Nozaily, Frédéric Pelat, Abdul Karim Nagi Al-Sabri, Abdurrahman Mohamed Al-Haddad, Amin Al-Hakimi
The Water and Environment Centre (WEC), Sana’a University
Year: 2014


Title: Water for Sana’a and Taiz’z from Solar Desalination at the Red Sea
(Proposal for saving Sana’a and Taiz’z and serving all Yemen)
Prepared by: the Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation (TREC) members: Prof.Dr. Towfick Sufian, Prof. Dr. Hussain Altowaie and Dr. Gerhard Knies.With support by: Dr. Franz Trieb and Eng. Juergen Kern.
Date: November 20th, 2006


Title: Comments on the practical feasibility of prepared options forrevising water management practices in the Sana’a Basin to increase the availability of water supply to Sana’a City