Water for agriculture

Title: Rain: The Neglected Resource Embracing Green Water Management Solutions

Title: Water Sector Reform in the MENA Region 2005-2008

Title: Joint Annual Review of NWSSIP Year 2005  Irrigation and Watershed

Title: Water rights and rules, and management in spate irrigation
Authors: Abraham Mehari, Frank van Steenbergen and Bart Schultz
Year: 2005

Title: Yemen Water User Assossiaction Study
Authors: Bryan Bruns and Taha Taher

Title: National Conference for the Management and Development of Water Resources in Yemen Paper 2-B Agriculture’s Contribution to Solving the Water Crisis
Authors: Eng. Ahmed Al-Eshlah, Eng. Hamoud Al-Rubaidi, And Eng. Abdulkarim Al-Sabri

Title: Yemen: CDP Building Block Qat
Author: Christopher Ward

Title: Qat in Yemen
Author: Christopher Ward and Peer Gatter
Year: 2000

Title: Irrigation and Drainage,   To What Extent Do Improved Irrigation Technologies Extend Aquifer Life?
Authors: C.J. Perrya and P.J.G.J Hellegersb
Year: 2010

Title: Agricultural Water Consumption 2006 in Abyan Yemen (Poster)

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