Water for agriculture

Title: Drought in Yemen- Qat_Profits Leaving Food Water Shortages-NYTimes (Article)
Published in: November 1, 2009
Publisher: The New York Times

Title: Goodbye Agriculture?
Authors: Adel al Weshali and Frank van Steenbergen
Year: January, 2013
Publisheed by: thewaterchannel.org
Link to the video and report: http://www.thewaterchannel.tv/thewaterblog/210-goodbye-agriculture

Title: Effects of global climate changes on the ecosystem and agriculture
Author: Dr. Adel Al-Weshali

Title: Yemen Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on the Water and Agricultural Sectors and the Policy Implications
Published in: April, 2010
Author: Document of the World Bank
Sustainable Development Sector Department Middle East and North Africa Region

Title: Good Practices in Agricultural Water Management – Case Studies from Farmers Worldwide (Foggara: Traditional Irrigation in Algeria)
Author & Publisher: International Federation of Agriculture Procedures (IFAP)

Title : Area Equipped for Irrigation
Area Equipped for Irrigation

Title : Farmers Behaviors Toward Better Irrigation Water Management – Sana’a Basin
Author :Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Eryni, Eng.  Samira AL Thari, Eng. Khalid Al-Bar, Eng. Fahd Al-Magrabi and Eng. Wael Al-Darwish
Publisher : WEC
Year : 2010

Title : Remote Sensing and GIS Application for Assessment of Land SuitabilityPotential for Agriculture in the IBB Governorate, the Republic of Yemen
Author : Mohamed Hezam AlMuashreki, Jubari Bin Mat Akhir, Sahibin Abd Rahim, Kadderi Md. Desa and Zulfahmin Ali Rahaman
Publisher : Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
Year : 2010

Title : Global map of irrigation areas
Author : FAO
Year : 2004

Title : RS Workshop report 23 April 2014
Author : Prof. Abdulla Babaqi & Dr. Tarek Al-Hibshi
Year : 23 April 2014
Publisher : WEC (Water and Environment Centre)

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