Special topic : groundwater

Title: Introduction to Groundwater Development and Management (presentation)
Short Course at Water & Environment Centre, Sana‘a
By: Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider
Freie Universitat

Title: Sana’a Basin Integrated Water Resources (Action Oriented Policy Paper)
Assessment of Phase I (supported under the Sana’a Basin Water Management Project and from other sources) and suggestions for Phase II
Authors: This report was prepared by the AOPP team comprising Eng. Abdullah Saleh Saif (water resources), Eng.  ohammad Sultan (capacity assessment), Dr, Nasser Fadl (stakeholder involvement), Dr. Omar Al-Sakaf (institutional), Dr. Taha Taher (irrigation), Eng. Salem Basuhay (bibliography and logistics), and Christopher Ward (overall coordinator and editor). Dr. Isabelle Learmont carried out analysis and provided editorial support.
Published in: June, 2010

Title: Collaborative Research To Assess the Degradation of Groundwater Resources in Al-Mujaylis, Tihama Coastal Plain, Yemen
Year: 2013
Authors: Al-Qubatee W. , Ibrahim A., From Dalseng C., Al-Weshali A. , Van Steenbergen, F.

Title:  Building On (Taiz) Local Ground Water Management

Prepared by: Water & Environment Center (WEC)

Title:  Building On (Hodeidah) Local GW Management

Prepared by: Water & Environment Center (WEC)

Title: Building On (Hadramout) Local GW Management

Prepared by:  Water & Environment Center (WEC)

Title:  Building On (Dhamar) Local GW Management

Prepared by :     Water & Environment Center (WEC)

Title : Farmers Behaviors Toward Better Irrigation Water Management – Sana’a Basin
Author :Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Eryni, Eng.  Samira AL Thari, Eng. Khalid Al-Bar, Eng. Fahd Al-Magrabi and Eng. Wael Al-Darwish
Publisher : WEC
Year : 2010

Titel : The Sana‟a basin Study
Author : Sana’a University-Water and Environment Center (WEC)/Sana’a Basin Well Inventory Project
Year : 2004

Title : Induced recharge at new dam sites—Sana’a Basin, Yemen
Author : Ahmed Mohamed Alderwish
Publisher : Arab J Geosci (Saudi Society for Geosciences 2009)
Year : 2009

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