Special topic : groundwater

Title: Groundwater Resources and Irrigated Agriculture – making a beneficial relation more sustainable
(GWP Perspectives Papers)
Published by: Global Water Partnership
Published in: 2012

Title: GROUNDWATER GOVERNANCE: A Global Framework for Country Action
Thematic Paper No. 5: Groundwater Policy and Governance
By: Robert G. Varady, Frank van Weert, Sharon B. Megdal, Andrea Gerlak, Christine Abdalla Iskandar, and Lily House-Peters6
Published in: June 2012


Title: Problems of groundwater development in the Sana’a basin, Yemen Arab Republic
Improvements of Methods of long Term Prediction of Variations in Groundwater Resources and Regimes Due to Human Activity (Proceedings of the Exeter Symposium, July 1982).
Published by: IAHS

Title: Groundwater development in the Tihama coastal plain
By: G.V. Smith, Senior Hydrogeologist, DHV Consulting Engineers, and Y. A. AI-Mooji. Head of Hydrology Section. Tihama Development Authority, Hodeidah.

Title: Ground Water Security in Yemen: Role and Responsibilities of Local Communities in Conserving Groundwater
Authors: Dr. Frank van Steenbergen, Dr. Omar A. Bamaga and Dr. Adel M. Al-Weshali
Publisher: MataMeta Company

Title: Example of Partnership Research: Groundwater in the Political Domain (Al-MujellisCase study- Presentation)
Field work done by teem: WahibAl-Qubatee, Abdullah Ibrahim and Omar Al-Sabai

Title: MANAGING THE INVISIBLE: Understanding and Improving Groundwater Governance (Water Papers)
Authors: Marcus Wijnen, Benedicte Augeard, Bradley Hiller, Christopher Ward and Patrick Huntjens
Published in: June 2012
Publisher: The Water Unit, Transport, Water and ICT Department, Sustainable Development Vice Presidency.

Water Papers are available online at: http://worldbank.org/water

Title: Introduction to Groundwater Development and Management (presentation)
Short Course at Water & Environment Centre, Sana‘a
By: Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider
Freie Universitat

Title: Sana’a Basin Integrated Water Resources (Action Oriented Policy Paper)
Assessment of Phase I (supported under the Sana’a Basin Water Management Project and from other sources) and suggestions for Phase II
Authors: This report was prepared by the AOPP team comprising Eng. Abdullah Saleh Saif (water resources), Eng.  ohammad Sultan (capacity assessment), Dr, Nasser Fadl (stakeholder involvement), Dr. Omar Al-Sakaf (institutional), Dr. Taha Taher (irrigation), Eng. Salem Basuhay (bibliography and logistics), and Christopher Ward (overall coordinator and editor). Dr. Isabelle Learmont carried out analysis and provided editorial support.
Published in: June, 2010

Title: Collaborative Research To Assess the Degradation of Groundwater Resources in Al-Mujaylis, Tihama Coastal Plain, Yemen
Year: 2013
Authors: Al-Qubatee W. , Ibrahim A., From Dalseng C., Al-Weshali A. , Van Steenbergen, F.

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