Special topic : groundwater

Title: Effect of Yemen Diesel Crisis on Agricultural Activities and Groundwater Pumping

Title: Chapter 2: Groundwater degradation and the limits of hydrological information
Groundwater management: the search for practical approaches (the book)
FAO Technical Papers

Title: References for Tehama

Title: Preliminary Report of Wadi Rema’a

Title: Satellite Imagery follow-up study- Interim report
By: Water Watch (Remote Sensing Services – Wageningen, the Netherlands) and Hydro-Yemen
Published by: The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Groundwater & Soil Conservation Project)
Published in: March 2012

Title: Groundwater, Diesel and POLITICS NEXUS in Yemen
(Implications of 2011 Diesel Crisis)
Cocoon Project- Yemen

Title: Groundwater and Agriculture in the Sana’a Basin
Water and Environment Center (WEC), Sana’a University

Title: Environmental Management in Sana’a Basin: Urbanization and Degradation of Groundwater Quality
(First International Environmental Forum, 1-3 April 2006, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt)
By:Dr. Rafik A.M. Al-Sakkaf

Title: Redistribution of Groundwater Abstraction in Wadi As Ssirr: A Task for the Local Water User Associations
(Third International Conference on Wadi Hydrology, Sana’a, 12-14 December 2005)
Dr. Rafik A.M. Al-Sakkaf and Dr. Taha. M. Tahir
Water and Environment Center, Sana’a, Yemen



Title: Groundwater in the Political Domain(2010)

CoCooN-Integrated Project: GROUNDWATER IN THE POLITICAL DOMAIN (1st & 2nd Reports)

Annual progress report ‘Groundwater in the political domain’ (2011)

Conflict and Cooperation Over Natural Resources in Developing Countries (Presentation)

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