Special topic : groundwater

Title: Politics Impact, Diesel Availability, Groundwater Accessibility Nexus In Yemen

Implications of 2011 Diesel Crisis

Publication Date: 2011

Title: GROUNDWATER SECURITY IN YEMEN: Role and Responsibilities of Local Communities in Conserving Groundwater
Authors: Dr. Frank van Steenbergen; Dr. Omar Bamaga; and Dr. Adel Al-Washali.
Date: 2013

Other Publication: LEAD Journal: http://www.lead-journal.org/content/11164.pdf


Title : Water Buffer Management Retention, Recharge and Reuse of Al Sayla Water in Sana’a Basin
Author : Dr. Sharafaddin A. A. Saleh, Dr. Alkhateeb Al-Kebsi, Dr. Ahmed Alderwish and Eng. Khaled H. AL–Bar.
Publisher : Water and Environment Center(WEC) – Sana’a University.
Year : 2016.

Title: Aquifer Depletion: Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and Sana’a, Yemen
Prepared and Published by: Global Studies
World Ecosystems Beyond Borders (WEBB): An Environmental Curriculum for Wisconsin Students
Grade Level: 6th-8th
Subject Areas: Science and Social Studies

Title: MANAGING THE INVISIBLE: Understanding and Improving Groundwater Governance (Draft Report)
By: Marcus Wijnen; Benedicte Augeard; Bradley Hiller; Christopher Ward; and Patrick Huntjens
Published by: Water Papers
Date: June 2012


Title : Ground Water in the Political Domain Al-Mujaylis Case Study.
Author : Wahib Al-Qubatee, Abdullah Ibrahim and Carmen From Dalseng, Dr. Adel Al-Weshali and Dr. Frank van Steenbergen
Publisher : WEC and Metameta.

Title : Review of Yemen’s Control of Groundwater Extraction Regime: Situation and Options
Author : Ahmed Mohamed Alderwish and Wa’el IshaqMohamed.

Title: CoCooN-Integrated Project: Groundwater in the Political Domain – The Project’s Research activities in Yemen (presentation)
By: WahibAl-Qubatee


Title: Groundwater Disappearing and Desertification in Coastal Yemen
By: MetaMeta Research & Water and Environment Center (WEC)

Title: Groundwater in the political domain: Al-Mujailis case study
By: Wahib Al-Qubatee, Abdullah Ibrahim and Carmen
Dr. Adel Al-Weshali and Dr. Frank van Steenbergen
Published by: MetaMeta Research and Water and Environment Center (WEC)

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