Social development and economy

Title: Promotion of Development Countries Water – A Vital and Scarce Resource
Year: 2005

Title: Towards_Hydrosolidarity: Ample Opportunities for Human Ingenuity
Author: Professor Malin Falkenmark

Title: Setting Modes of Order Opportunities and Threats for Interdisciplinary Education in A Fragmented Yemeni Water Sector
Author: Martinus J. Vink
Year: 2005

Title: Human Development Report 2006- Water for Human Development  Thematic paper:1 Water Scarcity Challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Authors: Håkan Tropp and  Anders Jägerskog
Year: 2006

Title: Human Development Report 2006, Water for Human Development  Background Paper: Water Governance Challenges: Managing Competition and Scarcity for Hunger and Poverty Reduction and Environmental Sustainability
Authors: Håkan Tropp,  Malin Falkenmark, Jan Lundqvist
Year: 2006

Title: The World Changes Constantly; So Should Water and Ecosystem Management 

Title: Aid Delivery Methods Concept Paper, A Contribution to Development Thinking, Institutional Assessment and Capacity Development, Why, What and How?
Year: 2005

Title: Republic of Yemen, Sector Wide Approach (SEAP) in the Water Sector: Assessment of Readiness and Opportunities

Title: Summary of the Second Five – Year Plan for Economic & Social Development 2001-2005 

Title: Macroeconomic Policies for Poverty Reduction: The Case of Yemen
Year: 2005

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