Social development and economy

Title: World Bank’s Response to Qat Consumption in Yemen

Title: Republic of Yemen Country Social Analysis : Water, Environment, Social and Rural Development Department Middle East and North Africa Region
Author: World Bank
Year: 2006

Title: The Economics of Qat: Why Qat is More Than Just a Bad Habit
Author: Al Majalla
Year: 2009

Title: The Role of Terraces on Land and Water Conservation in Yemen
Author: Mohamed A. Al- Hebshi

Title: Social Fund Development , Areas of Interventions
Author: SFD
Year: 2011

Title: Social Fund for Development Poverty Map at District Level ( Map)
Year: 2005/2006

Title: Social Fund for Development Environmental_Management_Plan
Author: YSFD
Year: 2009

Title: Survey Results on Hunger and Food Insecurity in Yemen
Authors: Nader Kabbani
Year: 2005

Title: Livestock Performances Depending More on Investment Level Than on Herd Management
Year: 2006

Title: Building on Indigenous Knowledge for WDM in Yemen: The Enhancement of Traditional Garden Irrigation with Mosque Greywater
Authors: Prof. Dr. Abdulla Babaqi, Dr. Fadhl Al-Nozaily,  Eng. Frederic Pelat
Year: 2010

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