IWRM Water value and economics


Title: Water Charging in Irrigated Agriculture  An Analysis of International Experience
Authors: G. Cornish with B. Bosworth, C. Perry, J. Burke
Year: 2004

Title: The Role of Terraces on Land and Water Conservation in Kuhlan- Affar Wide Sharis Districts Hajja -YAR
Author: Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. AlProf. Al–HebshiHebshi
Year: 2008

Title: Does Small Farmer Investment in Bananas Jeopardize Macroeconomic Stability in Yemen? 
Author: Prof. Dr Mohamed A. Al- Hebshi

Title: Economic Incentive Structures for Groundwater Extraction in Yemen
Authors: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al-Hebshi

Title: Estimation of the Operation and Maintenance Expenditures for Spate Irrigation Systems
Authors: Wadis Zabid, Rima, Abyan, and Tuban
Year: 1998

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