IWRM Water use in rural and urban areas


Title: Rain Water Harvesting Potential from Roads in Yemen F.R

Title: Rain Water Harvesting Potential from Roads in Yemen ppt

By: Mohamed Abdullah Al-Abyadh

Supervisor: Sharaf Adeen Abdullah. Saleh, Abdullah Ahmed Al-Maswari

Date: 2014

Published by: Water and Environment Centre

Title : Impacts Assessment of Treated Wastewater Use in Agriculture Irrigation in Amran Area, Republic of Yemen
Author :  Ameen Rageh
Publisher :  International Journal of Environment and Sustainability
Year : 2014

Title : Analyzing the potential of Roof Rain water harvesting Systems for water supply in Manakha town and surrounding area
By : Eng.  Abdullah Mohammed AL –Saidi    – WEC (Water and Environment Center)

العنوان : حصاد المياه من الطرق في اليمن مذكرة إرشادية
المؤلف : د. فرانك فانستين برج  د. شرف الدين عبدالله احمد  صالح    م. محمد الأبيض
الناشر : ميتاميتا ومركز المياه والبيئة وابفاد وبرنامج الري السيلي.
السنة : 2015. 

Title : Rain Water Harvesting from Rooftop in Urban Area Sana’a City
Author :Dr. Abdulla Noaman,Dr. Mansour Haidera,Dr. Mohamed Saeed Meraee and Eng. Abdulla  Al-Saidi.
Publisher : WEC
Year : 2015


Title : Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Water Projects in Rural Areas, in Al-Mahweet Governorate
Author : Kaid H.S. Al-Sadrah
Publisher : WEC
Year : 2013

Title: Water Resources Information in Yemen
Author: Qahtan Yehya A.M. Al-Asbahi
Year: 2005

Title: Tackling the Issue of Rural- Urban Water Transfers in the Ta’iz Region, Yemen
Author: Khalid Riaz

Title: Cities Versus Agriculture:  Revisiting Intersectoral Water Transfers, Potential Gains and Conflicts
Author: François Molle and Jeremy Berkoff

Title: Water Supply, Sanitation and Health Within IWRM Consideration Module Six
Year: 2005