IWRM Water chain management


Title: Decision Support Tools for Urban Water and Wastewater Systems – Focusing on Hazardous Flows Assessment
Authors: P.-A. Malmqvist and H. Palmquist
Year: 2005

Title: Sustainable Technological Development for Urban-Water Cycles
Author: J.H.J.M. van der Graaf, H.A. Meester-Broertjes, W.A. Bruggeman and E.J. Vles

Title: Information, Public Empowerment and the Management of Urban Watersheds
Author: Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Year: 2005

Title: Comparison Among the Most Frequently Used Systems for Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
Author: Marcos von Sperling

Title: A framework for Systems Analysis of Sustainable Urban Water Management
Author: Daniel Hellstro¨ma, Ulf Jeppssonb, Erik Ka¨rrmanc

Title: Indicators for the Sustainability Assessment of  Wastewater Treatment Systems
Authors: Annelies J. Balkema a, Heinz A. Preisig a, Ralf Otterpohl b, Fred J.D. Lambert
Year: 2002

Title: Different Approaches to Assessment of Design and Management of Sustainable Urban Water Systems
Authors: Michiel A. Rijsbermana, Frans H.M. van de Venb

Title: Proposition for Literature Used in WCM Course: Related to SI and Multi Criteria Analysis

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