IWRM Water chain management


Title: Sustainability Assessment for Urban Water Chains

Title: Proposal for Sustainability Index Assignment

Title: Overlap WCM with Other Courses

Title: Need for Improved Methodologies and Measurements for Sustainable Management of Urban Water Systems
Authors: Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski, Sylvie Barraud, Bernard Chocat

Title: Modelling the Urban Water Cycle
Authors: V.G. Mitchell , R.G. Mein ,  T.A. McMahon
Year: 2001

Title: Introduction to Water Chain Reading Materials
Author: Boudewijn N. Zuijderhoudt
Year: 2008

Title: Integrated Urban Water Cycle Management: Moving towards Systems Understanding
Authors: Peter J. Coombes and George Kuczera

Title: Integrated Urban Water Cycle 
Authors: Andrew Speers, Grace Mitchell

Title: Assessing and Improving Sustainability of Urban Water Resources and Systems
Authors: Mathias E, Heinz H, Aidan C, Brian M, Miran V, Ralf B, Stewart B & Peter Dillon
Year: 2003

Title: Applying Integrated Urban Water Management Concepts: A review of Australian Experience
Author: V. Grace  Mitchell

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