IWRM Water and Environment


Title: Humanitarian Aspect of WaSH in Yemen 

By: Water and Environment Center & MetaMeta 

Date: 2017

Title : Integrated Water Quality Management and its Impact on the Population of Mawyah District
Author : Randa Ali Ahmed Ali AL-Thabel
Year : 2012

Title: Wild Plants From Yemen
Author: M. Sayedul Mashjeri
Year: 2002

Title: Environmental Status of Yemen’s Gulf of Aden Coast , Determined From Rapid Field Assessment and Satellite Imagery
Authors: G. Wilson,  A. R. G. Price, T. Huntington and S. C. Wilson

Title: Rationalizing Groundwater Resource Utilization in the Sana’a Basin – Yemen 
Author: Stephen Foster
Year: 2003

Title: Desertification in the Arab Region: Analysis of Current Status and Trends
Authors: Asma Ali Abahussain, Anwar Sh. Abdu, Waleed K. Al-Zubari, Nabil Alaa El-Deen  & Mahmmod Abdul-Raheemw
Year: 2002

Title: Water Resources in the GCC Countries: An Overview
Authors: Muhammad F. AL-Rashed and Mohsen M. Sherif
Year: 2000

Title: The Applicability of the Local and International Water Quality Guidelines to Al-Gassim Region of Central Saudi Arabia
Authors: Khalid N. Al- Redhaiman and Hagom . Abdel Magid
Year: 2001

Title: Chapter Water Quality
Author: Wolf Raber

Title: Nitrogen in the Environment: Nitrogen Cycle
Authors: Scott C. Killpack and Daryl Buchholz