IWRM Water and community participation


Title:  Participatory Groundwater Management

Title: Ideas for Water Awareness Campaigns 
Authors: Wouter Schaap & Frank van Steenbergen
Year: 2002

Title: National Regulations for Groundwater:  Options, Issues and Best Practices
Author: Stefano Burchi
Year: 1999

Title: Regulatory Impact Assessment
Author: Jerry Read
Year: 2005

Title: Sustainable Groundwater Management: Concepts and Tools, Groundwater Legislation & Regulatory Provision from Customary Rules to Integrated Catchment Planning
Authors: Marcella Nanni, Stephen Foster, Charles Dumars, Hector Garduño, Karin Kemper & Albert Tuinhof

Title: Judicious Management of Groundwater Through Participatory Hydrology Monitoring 

Title: Water Vision: Training Manual for Gram Panchayat Working Committee  Members Involved in Village- Level Water Management

Title: Mission Support Unit, Andhra Pradesh Water Conservation Mission Example of a Micro Plan, Water Management Plan of Damaragidda Village
Year: 2004/2005

Title: Yacambu- Quibor: A Project for Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Management in Venezuela
Authors: Héctor Garduño & Marcella Nanni
Year: 2003

Title: Update on the System of Rice Intensification
Year: 2000

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