IWRM Policy, government and laws


Title: Discussion Statement ( Exercise )

Title: Policy Arena, The Reflexive Engineer: Perceptions of Integrated Development 
Author: Peter T. Robbins
Year: 2007

Title: Water Policy, Governance & Laws
Authors: Mrs. Nadia Al-harithi & Mr. Awadh. A. Bahamish
Year: 2008

Title: Water Management in Islam

Title: A Theory of Access
Authors: Nancy Lee Peluso and Jesse C. Ribot
Year: 2003

Title: The Properties of Property
Author: Benda- Bechmann

Title: Water Demand Management and Islamic Water Management Principles:
Author: Walid A. Abderrahman
Year: 2000

Title: Effective Water Governance
Author: Peter Rogers and Alan W Hall
Year: 2003

Title: Regulation and Private Participation in the Water and Sanitation Sector
Author: Judith A. Rees
Year: 2006

Title: Reporting on Environmental Measures: Are We Being Effective?
Authors: Sofia Guedes Vaz — EEA, Jock Martin — EEA, David Wilkinson — IEEP & Jodi Newcombe — IEEP
Year: 2001

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