IWRM Introduction to IWRM


Title: Introduction to IWRM – GWP advocacy
Author: Dr. Thalmeinerova
Publisher: Global Water Partnership

Title : The Adaptive Water Resource Management Handbook
Author : Jaroslav Mysiak, Hans Jørgen Henrikson, Caroline Sullivan, John Bromley and Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Publisher : Earthscan in the UK and USA.
Year : 2010

Title: Hints for the Reflection Question

Title: Introduction to IWRM

Author: Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
Year: 2000

Title : Challenges for an Integrated Groundwater Management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Author : Mohammed Al-Saud1, Georg Teutsch2, Christoph Schüth3 and Randolf Rausch4
Publisher : International Journal of Water Resources and Arid Environments
Year : 2011

Title : Upstream, Downstream – Conveying Water and Ideas: Potentials for IWRM in Wadi Zabid, Yemen
Author : Carmen Celine Tyndale From Dalseng
Year : Master Thesis 2014