IWRM Integrated watershed management


Title: Irrigation improvement project
Year: 2003

Title: Integrated Watershed Management “problem definition and scoping”

Title: Water Resource Management in Irrigated Agriculture in Jordan
Year: 2006

Title: Ministry of Legal Affairs- Law (no. 33) for the year 2002 concerning water
Year: 2002

Title: Yemen, the tribe and the state
Author: Elham M. Manea
Year: 1995

Title: Traditional Concepts of Territory in South East Arabia
Author: J. C. Wilkinson
Year: 1983

Title: Water Accounting for Integrated Water Resources Management

Title: Participatory Integrated Watershed Management
Author: Laura German, Hussein Mansoor,
Year: 2006

Title: Evolution of water resources management in Yemen
Author: T. Negenman
year: 2000

Title: How Integrated Is River Basin Management?
Author: Peter W. Downs, Kenneth J. Gregory, Andrew Brookes
Year: 1991

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