IWRM Integrated watershed management


Title: Rainwater harvesting cisterns and local water management
Author: Eirik Hovden
Year: 2006

Title: Water Pollution Control – A Guide to the Use of Water Quality Management Principles
Author: Mohamed Al-Hamdi, Richard Helmer, Ivanildo Hespanhol
Year: 1997

Title: Surface water pollution and its effect on groundwater in Taiz water basin
Author: A.A. Farrag, A.S. Al Gabiri, A. Abdulqader

Title: The Future of Terrace Farming in Yemen: A Development Dilemma
Author: Daniel Martin Varisco
Year: 1991

Title: Towards sustainable water management
Author: Henry Buller
Year: 1996

Title: River Basin Development Planning and Management:A Critical Review
Author: Chris J. Barrow
Year: 1998

Title: Integrated Watershed Management “Planning and Management Approach”

Title: What skills and information do watershed groups require for effective watershed planning and restoration?
Author: Brent Ladd

Title: Disadvantaged Groups in Multistakeholder Negotiations
Author: David Edmunds, Eva Wollenberg
Year: 2001

Title: Irrigation improvement project – manual on participatory planning & design
Year: 2004

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