IWRM Integrated watershed management


Title: Assessment of the October 24th 2008 Flood in Wadi Doan, Hadhramout towards Realization of IWRM F.R

Title:Assessment of the October 24th 2008 Flood in Wadi Doan, Hadhramout towards Realization of IWRM ppt

By: Abdulmoghni  Alga’fari

Supervisor: Abdullah  Noman, Alkhateeb Al-Kebsi

Date: August, 2014

Published by: Water and Environment Center

Title: Rain-Water-Harvesting-Manual-WEC-FINAL2-Small

By: Dr. Sharafaddin Abdullah Ahmed Saleh, Prof. Dr. Taha M. Taher, Prof. Dr. Abdulla A. Noaman , Dr. Frank van Steenbergen, Abraham Abhishek 

Published by: Water and Environment Center & MetaMeta & FBLN & NICHE027

Date: November 2017

Title:The War Impact on Food Security in the Tihama Region

By: Water and Environment Center & Flood Based Livelihoods Network Foundation

Date: November 2017

Title : Water Buffer Management Retention, Recharge and Reuse of Al Sayla Water in Sana’a Basin
Author : Dr. Sharafaddin A. A. Saleh, Dr. Alkhateeb Al-Kebsi, Dr. Ahmed Alderwish and Eng. Khaled H. AL–Bar.
Publisher : Water and Environment Center(WEC) – Sana’a University.
Year : 2016.

العنوان : حصاد المياه من الطرق في اليمن مذكرة إرشادية
المؤلف : د. فرانك فانستين برج  د. شرف الدين عبدالله احمد  صالح    م. محمد الأبيض
الناشر : ميتاميتا ومركز المياه والبيئة وابفاد وبرنامج الري السيلي.
السنة : 2015. 

Title : Rain Water Harvesting from Rooftop in Urban Area Sana’a City
Author :Dr. Abdulla Noaman,Dr. Mansour Haidera,Dr. Mohamed Saeed Meraee and Eng. Abdulla  Al-Saidi.
Publisher : WEC
Year : 2015


Title : Upstream, Downstream – Conveying Water and Ideas: Potentials for IWRM in Wadi Zabid, Yemen
Author : Carmen Celine Tyndale From Dalseng
Year : Master Thesis 2014

Title : Induced recharge at new dam sites—Sana’a Basin, Yemen
Author : Ahmed Mohamed Alderwish
Publisher : Arab J Geosci (Saudi Society for Geosciences 2009)
Year : 2009

Title : integrated Watershed Management for Small Catchments Within Sana’a Basin, Yemen
Author : Eng.W.Al-Derwish
Publisher : WEC
Year : 2014

Title: Economic analysis of water harvesting in a mountainous watershed in India
Author: A.K. Goel, R. Kumar
Year: 2004

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