IWRM Integrated groundwater management


Title: Environmental Impact Issues Related to Recharge Enhancement and Irrigation in the Sana’a Basin
Year: 2001

Title: Water Balance Calculations with the “1995” Modflow Groundwater Model of the Sana’a Basin
Year: 2001

Title: Trends in water and agricultural development
Author: David Molden
Year: 2007

Title: Groundwater management and development by integrated remote sensing and geographic information systems: prospects and constraints
Author: Madan K. Jha,  Alivia Chowdhury, V. M. Chowdary, Stefan Peiffer
Year: 2006

Title: The changing water paradigm
Author: Peter Gleick
Year: 2000

Title: The political ecology of water use and development
Author: Robert R. Crifasi
Year: 2002

Title: Integrated Groundwater Management for Great Man-Made River Project in Libya
Author: Isam Mohamed Abdelrhem, Kahlim Rashid, Amiruddin Ismail
Year: 2008

Title: Methods and models for sustainable groundwater planning and management
Author: Riccardo Minciardi, Michela Robba, Roberto Sacile
Year: 2002

Title: Summary report of the 2nd World Water Forum: from vision to action
Author: The Prince of Orange, Frank R. Rijsberman
Year: 2000

Title: Participatory Planning case study: Jordan Amman-Zarqa Basin

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