IWRM Integrated coastal zone management


Title: Global International Waters Assessment, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden draft
Author: Najah Mistafa
Year: 2005

Title: LMR in Yemen Red Sea and Gulf of Aden waters
Author: K. Hariri

Title: Living Marine Resources in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden draft- with marks
Author: Dr Khaled .I. Hariri
Year: 2005

Title: The Coastal Zone 0f Yemen Coastal Processes  lecture 4 -Fisheries
Author: Dr K. Hariri
Year: 2007

Title: Integrated coastal zone management part 1
Integrated coastal zone management part 2
Author: Henk Ritzema

Title: Agricultural processes and challenges in Yemen’s coastal regions
Author: Mohamed AlHebshi

Title: About Corruption and Transparency in the Water and Sanitation Sector
Author: Kathleen Shordt, Laurent Stravato, Cor Dietvorst
Year: 2006

Title: Agricultural processes and challenges in Yemen’s coastal regions

Title: Yemen national programme of action for the protection of the marine environment from land-based activities
Author: Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE), Environment Protection Authority (EPA)
Year: 2003

Title: Course integrated Coastal Zone Management – v2
Year: 2006

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