IWRM Integrated coastal zone management


Title: Environmental Impact Assesment of Desalination
Author: Dr. Fadhl Ali Al-Nozaily, Dr. Mohammed Al-Shaghdari
Year: 2005

Title: The impact of desalination Israel and the Palestine authority
Author: Dr. Y. Dreizin
Year: 2004

Title: Overview of Desalination Plant Impacts
Author: Brad Damitz

Title: backgrounder – Sustainable Development in action
Year: 2005

Title: Introduction to Coastal Zone in Yemen
Year: 2007

Title: Integrated coastal zone management Theme 4: Sustainable development of coastal zones in Yemen

Title: The Coastal Part of Wadi Siham,Tihama Area, Republic of Yemen
Author: Dr. Naif Abu-Lohom

Title: Coastal Land Form

Title: User Functions in The Coastal Zone of Yemen lecture 3
Author: Khaled Hariri
Year: 2007

Title: User Functions in The Coastal Zone of Yemen  lecture 2
Author: Khaled Hariri
Year: 2007

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