IWRM Hydrology of Yemen


Title: Example for IWRM Students

Title: Rainfall and Runoff Relationship

Title: Groundwater Pumping to Remediate Groundwater Pollution
Year: 2002

Title: How Does Groundwater Flow?
Year: 2002

Title: Geol 220: Groundwater Hydrology
Year: 2002

Title: Continuum Equation and Basic Equation of Water Flow in Soils 
Year: 2002

Title: Local Regulation in Intensively Used Groundwater Systems
Authors: Frank van Steenbergen & Tushaar Shah

Title: A Strategy for Controlling Groundwater Depletion in the Sa’dah Plain, Yemen
Author: Rafik A. AL-Sakkaf, Yangxiao Zhou  & Michael J. Hall

Title: Local Groundwater Regulation: Water Praxis Document Nr. 14
Author: Frank van Steenbergen

Title: Computation of Average Rainfall over a Basin

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