IWRM Gender and water


Title : Gender Water Workshop-WEC
Author : WEC (Water and Environment Center)
Date : 3 August 2016

Title : Analyzing the potential of Roof Rain water harvesting Systems for water supply in Manakha town and surrounding area
By : Eng.  Abdullah Mohammed AL –Saidi    – WEC (Water and Environment Center)

Title: Gendered  Participation in Water Management:  Issues and Illustrations from Water Users’ Associations in South Asia
Authors: Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Margreet Zwarteveen
Year: 1998

Title: Bringing Water to the Poor
Author: Herve Conan, Maria Paniagua and Ava Shrestha
Year: 2004

Title: How to Establish a Water User Associations?
Author: IWMI and SICWC
Year: 2003

Title: Bargaining and Gender Relations:  Within and Beyond the Household
Author: Bina Agarwal

Title: A Bigger  Piece of a Very Small Pie:  Intrahousehold Resource Allocation and Poverty Reduction in Africa
Author: Bridget O’Laughlin
Year: 2005

Title: women and water
Year: 2005

Title: Gender and Integrated Water Resource Management