Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)- Topics

Title: Sana’a Basin Integrated Water Resources (Action Oriented Policy Paper)
Assessment of Phase I (supported under the Sana’a Basin Water Management Project and from other sources) and suggestions for Phase II
Authors: This report was prepared by the AOPP team comprising Eng. Abdullah Saleh Saif (water resources), Eng.  ohammad Sultan (capacity assessment), Dr, Nasser Fadl (stakeholder involvement), Dr. Omar Al-Sakaf (institutional), Dr. Taha Taher (irrigation), Eng. Salem Basuhay (bibliography and logistics), and Christopher Ward (overall coordinator and editor). Dr. Isabelle Learmont carried out analysis and provided editorial support.
Published in: June, 2010

Title: How to harness the full potential of integrated catchment management as a pathway to sustainability
Edward P. Weber
Ali Memon
Brett Painter
Publishing Year: July, 2009
Publisher: Faculty Publications (SEPA), School of Environmental & Public Affairs – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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