Title: A technical-institutional analysis of small dams in the Sana’a Basin, Yemen
By: Simon Chevalking – MetaMeta Research –
Date: 2010

Title: Yearly groundwater level in Wadi Zabid and Wadi Rima (Data: Draw Down Between 2001- 2006)
By: Tihama Development Authority

Title: Technical note on rainfall in Sana’a
By: Dr. Bilkis Zabara, Dr. Richard Soppe, Dr. Abdulla Babaqi and Dr. David Plinston
Published in: October 2007
Publisher: Water and Environment Center (WEC)

Title: Introduction to Groundwater Development and Management (presentation)
Short Course at Water & Environment Centre, Sana‘a
By: Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider
Freie Universitat

Title: Parchedness, politics, and power: the state hydraulic in Yemen
Author: Scott Moore, University of Oxford, UK
Publisher: Journal of Political Ecology


Title: Hydro Geo Chemistry of Sana’a Basin (Final Report)
Authors: Al DERWISH Water & Environmental Consulting Services
Publisher: Sana’a Basin Water Management Project (SBWMP)
Published in: June, 2010

Title: Surface Water Hydrology and Water Resources Management Case Study: Wadi Zabid, Tihama plain  Yemen
Study By: Dr. Abdo Sultan Hasan
Date: 2004

Title: Modelling The Relationship between Rain and Sanitation in Yemen & Soil Conservation Service rainfall runoff model (SCS-RRM) (English Abstract)
Study by: Fouad Al-Jurmoozy
Published by: Cairo University
Date: 2010


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